HM Coroner for Brighton & Hove

The Coroner investigates deaths reported to her and oversees the City Mortuary.

The Coroner

His Majesty's Coroner for Brighton & Hove is an independent judicial officer who follows laws that apply to coroners and inquests. It is the duty of the Coroner to investigate deaths reported to her, that appear to be:

  • sudden and of unknown cause
  • unnatural or due to violence, or
  • occur in legal custody

It is the responsibility of the Coroner to make enquiries which will establish:

  • who the deceased was
  • when and where he or she died
  • how he or she died

If a death was sudden or unexpected the deceased may be taken to the Brighton & Hove City Mortuary and the Coroner informed. The Coroner's investigations may require a post-mortem examination, carried out at the mortuary, to find out the cause of death. In a small amount of cases, it may be necessary to hold an inquest.

Contacting the Coroner

The Coroner can be contacted Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm on (01273) 292046. The Coroner's Office is located within the grounds of Woodvale Crematorium, near the Lewes Road gate.

Coroner's officers

Coroner's Officers work under the direction of the Coroner and liaise with bereaved families, police, doctors and funeral directors. They are based at the Coroner’s Court, Woodvale and can be contacted 0330 2225560.


For details of upcoming openings, inquest hearings, pre-inquest reviews, documentary inquests and adjournments, go to upcoming inquests.

Further help and advice

The following publications are available from the Coroner's office: 

  • Guide to Coroner Services
  • 'When a Death is Reported to the Coroner' - this provides practical information to explain what happens in the case of a sudden death, the coroner's involvement and the public facilities at the city mortuary
  • The Coroner's Court ( local information for those who need to attend court)

Booklets and leaflets may be ordered online or by contacting the Coroner's Office.