The council's burial grounds

The council own and manage seven cemeteries, covering almost 170 acres, to the highest standard possible. This is in accordance with the requirements of statutory law, bylaws and customs, including religious and ethnic considerations.

Kindly note that no dogs are allowed in the cemeteries and children must be accompanied by an adult.

These pages give information about our traditional cemeteries. You can also find out information about our natural burial ground.

Opening times

The grounds are open every day of the year.

October to March

  • Monday to Saturday: 9am to 4pm
  • ​Sunday and public holidays: 11am to 4pm

April to September

  • Monday to Saturday: 9am to 5.30pm
  • ​Sunday and public holidays: 11am to 5.30pm

If you need to visit the council's cemeteries, take a look at our cemetery location map. There is not an individual office at each cemetery. Enquiries should be directed to Bereavement Services, Woodvale Lodge, Lewes Road, Brighton, BN2 3QB.

Extra Mural Cemetery, Lewes Road, Brighton

Opened in 1851 and covering 16.5 acres. No new graves available.

Part of this Victorian burial ground, containing many fine memorials, has been converted into a garden of remembrance, a children's memorial garden and a tomb and nature trail, incorporating a picnic area.

A Victorian guide written in 1867 called Strolls in the Extra Mural Cemetery describes the tombs and other memorials found at that time.

A chapel (Grade II listed) is available for funerals.

A sectional plan of the Extra Mural Cemetery is available to view. 

For visitors using sat nav, the postcode for the cemetery is BN2 3QB. 

Woodvale Cemetery, Lewes Road, Brighton

Opened in 1857  and covering 20.5 acres. Previously known as Lewes Road Cemetery. No new graves are available.

The Woodvale Crematorium and chapels are located in this cemetery. The area around the chapels has been landscaped with lawns, waterfall and stream, flower beds and rockeries to provide the correct environment for funerals.

The burial ground is Grade II listed and until 1902 was known as the Brighton 'Parochial' cemetery. 

A sectional plan of the Lewes Road (Woodvale) Cemetery is available to view. 

For visitors using sat nav, the postcode for the cemetery is BN2 3QB.

City Cemetery, Bear Road, Brighton

Opened in 1868 and covering 31.5 acres. No new adult graves available but existing graves can be re-opened if there is sufficient depth remaining.

This burial ground includes Commonwealth War Graves, the St Dunstans plot, Angel's Corner for the interment of children, a meadow area to encourage wildlife and a Baha'i section. There is no cemetery chapel. 

A sectional plan of the City Cemetery is available to view. 

For visitors using sat nav, the postcode for the cemetery is BN2 4DA.

Portslade Cemetery, Victoria Road, Portslade

Opened in 1872 and covering 7 acres. No new graves available but existing graves can be re-opened if there is sufficient depth remaining.

There are two small Victorian chapels but only one is available for funerals. Although the main entrance to Portslade Cemetery is located in Victoria Road, there is an alternative pedestrian entrance in Trafalgar Road.

 A sectional plan of Portslade Cemetery is available to view. 

For visitors using sat nav, the postcode for the cemetery is BN41 1XB.

Hove Cemetery, Old Shoreham Road, Hove

Opened in 1882 and covering 50 acres. Traditional, lawn, children's and cremated remains plots available.

This is a large burial ground spanning both sides of the A270 trunk road. 

Victorian chapel

The chapel in Hove Cemetery was originally built in the Victorian period and can be found in the middle of the south side of the cemetery.

One side is now used for storage, but the south side of the building is fully furnished for services prior to a burial.

Facilities include:

  • Seating for approximately 70 people
  • Ample free parking on the driveways
  • Equipment for playing music from CDs
  • An electric organ
  • Disabled accessible toilets near the eastern gate to the cemetery


Public toilets are provided in Hove Cemetery (South), near to the East Gate. 

Sections have been set aside to accommodate all faiths including Muslim, Baha'i, non orthodox Jewish (with its own Prayer Hall) and Coptic Christians.A sectional plan of Hove Cemetery is available to view.

For visitors using sat nav, the postcode for the cemetery is BN3 7EF.

Lawn Memorial Cemetery, Warren Road, Woodingdean, Brighton

Opened in 1963. (36.5 acres). Lawn style graves available - only tablets laid flat at ground level are allowed.

This burial ground includes areas set aside for Muslims (with a dedicated washroom), Quakers and other denominations. There is no cemetery chapel. The chapels at Woodvale, approximately one mile away, are available for use. An accessible toilet is provided for visitors. 

A sectional plan of the Lawn Memorial Cemetery is available to view. 

For visitors using sat nav, the postcode for the cemetery is BN2 6DX.

Jewish Cemetery, Meadow View, Brighton

Opened in 1919 and extended in 1978. Orthodox Jewish graves available.

Enquiries about the this cemetery should be directed to Brighton & Hove Hebrew Congregation as the Rights of Burial to all graves in this cemetery were granted to them when the burial ground became operative and they hold records of burials.

For visitors using sat nav, the postcode for the cemetery is BN2 4DE.

Woodland Valley natural burial ground

Set on the edge of the city overlooking the sea and the South Downs in Woodingdean, Woodland Valley offers a peaceful environment to lay your loved ones to rest. Situated within the Lawn Memorial Cemetery and planted with a range of suitable trees and features, Woodland Valley has been designed to create a meadow and woodland burial ground for interment and cremated remains.

Find out more about Woodland Valley natural burial ground 

Woodland Valley is Warren Road, Woodingdean, BN2 6DX


Purchasing a memorial stone

It is advisable to wait at least 9 months after a burial before organising a memorial stone to allow the grave to settle.  Only Approved memorial masons are authorised to work in our cemeteries and a Memorial Permit Application form must be submitted with the owner's signature before any work is carried out.  These are only available from the stonemason.

Transferring grave ownership

Often it is necessary to transfer the ownership of a grave, from a living or deceased owner, to someone else before it can be used again or a memorial arranged. The process varies depending on the respective circumstances and a fee applies for transferring the ownership.

Please note

It is a legal requirement to establish the grave ownership

  • Where there is a family dispute and relevant consents are withheld, the ownership cannot be transferred.
  • There can be a maximum of two owners per grave. Other beneficiaries must sign a renunciation form to relinquish their rights to ownership.
  • A fee is payable to transfer a grave ownership.
  • All certificates supplied with a transfer application must be originals, or certified copies.
  • See our flowchart to explain the transfer procedure

Exclusive rights of burial

When buying a grave, the Exclusive Rights of Burial are being purchased, on a leasehold basis, for an initial period of 50 years. This can be renewed for a further 25 years towards the end of the initial lease. If the owner dies, they have an automatic right to be buried in the grave (provided there is space to do so).

Permission must be given by the owner for any burials in, or memorials placed on, the grave. If there is no living owner, the authority will need to establish who is legally entitled to the grave, and the “transfer of ownership” must be completed before a burial can go ahead.

Transfer of Grave Ownership

If the Exclusive Rights of Burial are transferred, it is only for the remaining time of the lease period.

  • A transfer of the rights to a grave can be done whilst the owner is still alive by completing a Deed of Assignment 
  • If the grave is no longer needed, it can be surrendered by completing a Deed of Surrender; the surrender value being one third of the current purchase price as set out on the Deed of Exclusive Right of Burial. 

Transfer of ownership is administered by the Cemeteries Officer at Woodvale Lodge. Tel: 01273 604020.

Transfer of grave ownership when the owner is deceased

If the deceased grave owner made a valid will that requires a Grant of Probate, ownership can be transferred to the executors. The applicant must produce a sealed copy of the Grant of Probate and complete the Probate Form. If the estate is not of sufficient value for a Grant of Probate, ownership can be transferred to the executor by Statutory Declaration, and production of the will. They are then responsible for identifying the rightful owner and complete the transfer by a Deed of Assent.

If there is no valid will, but the estate is of sufficient value to need a Grant of Probate, ownership of the grave can be transferred to a personal representative of the deceased on production of a sealed copy of the Grant of Letters of Administration. Again is it then the responsibility of the representative of the deceased to identify the rightful owner and complete the transfer by Deed of Assent.

If there are no executors, or letters of administration, the deceased is known to have died intestate, and there are specific rules when dealing with cases like this. The person applying for the transfer of ownership will need to complete a Statutory Declaration. This is a legal document produced by the Cemeteries Office and must be signed in the presence of a Magistrate or Commissioner for Oaths.

The Statutory Declaration will set out the facts regarding the original purchase of the Exclusive Rights of Burial, the death of the registered owner, intestate or otherwise and the relationship of the applicant to the registered owner. A death certificate may be asked for. The Statutory Declaration questionnaire will help you to collect together the information required for us to create this bespoke document.

Should you have any questions relating to the ownership of a grave or the transfer of ownership, please contact the Cemeteries Officers on 01273 604020.

Useful links to help transfer the ownership of a grave

The Probate Service

To get a copy of a will, Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration call 0845 302 0900, option 2 or visit There is a small fee and any cheques should be payable to HMCS. A copy is usually provided within 21 days. The full name of the deceased, date of birth and last known address must be provided.

The National Archives

If you need to find out if a will was made before 1858, or need to obtain a Death Certificate from 1837 onwards, you can contact The National Archives at Kew, Richmond, Surrey, TW9 4DU. Tel: 020 8876 3444 or visit

The Register Office

If the death was within the last 18 months, you can ask for a copy Death Certificate from the Register Office for the area in which the death occurred, such as the Brighton and Hove Register Office, Copies of Death Certificates can also be ordered from GOV.UK

Overhanging trees - common law rights

If you are concerned about trees overhanging your boundary from an adjoining cemetery, you are able to exercise your 'Common (unwritten) Law' right to maintain your boundary. Under Common Law you are entitled to prune back the branches that grow over your boundary from the neighbouring cemetery, only to the boundary line but not beyond.

You are required to offer these branches to the council, which is not required to accept them. If this is the case, it is your responsibility to dispose of the pruned branches responsibly - you are not entitled to deposit them in the adjoining cemetery without the council's permission.

However, if the overhanging tree is subject to a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) or is within a Conservation Area or a Restrictive Covenant applies, you need the council's written consent before you carried out any work.

If the tree to be pruned back to the boundary line is an Elm tree, contact the council's Arboricultural Service, as the tree could be infected with Dutch Elm Disease and may need specialist pruning.

Regulations, fees and further useful information

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