Apply for a copy of a death certificate

Find out how to apply for a copy of a death certificate, how much it costs and how to obtain certificates from outside of Brighton & Hove.

Anyone can apply for a copy of a death certificate for a death in Brighton & Hove as long as you know some of the following information about the person whose certificate you are applying for:

  • date of death 
  • place of death
  • full name and any names previously known by 
  • occupation
  • date of birth
  • last known address
  • if married or in a civil partnership, name of husband, wife or civil partner


Our standard service costs £11. Certificates will be issued after 15 working days by second class post

We also offer a 24 hour priority service if you require a certificate urgently. This costs £35.

Priority applications must be made by midday for next day collection or first class postage. 

Apply online

The easiest way to apply is using our certificate application form.

You will need to pay for the certificate at the time of application.

Apply by phone

You can apply for a marriage or civil partnership certificate by phoning the register office:

You will need:

  • details of the person whose marriage or civil partnership certificate you are applying for, as listed above
  • a daytime contact phone number where you can easily be reached, in case we  need to contact you
  • to pay for the certificate at the time of application

Please phone 01273 292 016 during opening hours:

  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, 9:30am to midday
  • Wednesday, 10am to midday

Obtain certificates from elsewhere

We only have access and hold records of births, marriages, civil partnerships and deaths which occurred in Brighton & Hove, so if you wish to apply for a certificate from anywhere else in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland you may find the following links useful: