Choose your civil partnership ceremony

Arrange and book your civil partnership ceremony.

Arrange your civil partnership

Congratulations on your civil partnership plans.

You can choose to have your civil partnership as a simple formation with no ceremony or a formation followed by a celebratory ceremony.

Civil partnership formation

Civil partnerships are registered by signing the civil partnership schedule with no words required to be spoken. At your civil partnership formation, there will be:

  1. a pre schedule check
  2. an introduction by the civil partnership registrar 
  3. the signing of the civil partnership schedule by the couple, witnesses and the registrar 

Celebratory ceremony

You can choose to add a ceremony to your formation. Our registrars will help and guide you through your ceremony. They will welcome you and your guests to your approved venue. They will lead you through your ceremony and your declarations. 

Please see our suggested order of celebratory ceremony:

  1. welcome and opening words by the celebrant
  2. opportunity for a reading, poem or music
  3. ceremony content read by the celebrant
  4. promises and pledges of commitment
  5. opportunity for personalised words
  6. exchange of rings or gifts
  7. opportunity for a reading, poem or music
  8. exchange or rings or gifts
  9. opportunity for a reading, poem or music
  10. signing of the commemorative certificate
  11. closing words
  12. presentation of commemorative certificate

Promises and pledges of commitment

You can choose which promise you would like to say or you can bring your own words. 

Choice 1  I promise that I will give you my love, friendship and support. I will celebrate good fortune with you, comfort you through adversity, and cherish you for the rest of our life together.

Choice 2  I will support you in all that you do and walk alongside you down the path of life. May we fill each day with friendship, and face the world as one. I choose you above all others to spend my life with.

Choice 3  I promise to build a relationship based on kindness, equality and trust; to share my life openly with you; to cherish and care for you; to honour and encourage you; to respect you as an individual and be true to you through good times and bad. To these things I give my word.

Plan your civil partnership

Find our how to book your ceremony and give notice in our step by step guide to planning your wedding or civil partnership. 

Book your civil partnership

You can hold the ceremony at the following venues:

To book call 01273 292 016 or email