Re-register a birth

You can re-register your child's birth to add the natural father’s name to the birth record or if you marry the child’s father after the birth was registered.

Re-registration means making a new record in the birth register. There are 2 situations where you will need to have your child's birth re-registered:

  • if the parents have married since the birth of the child (even if the natural father's details were originally entered in the birth register), you are legally required to re-register the birth
  • if the parents are not married but you wish to add the natural father’s name on the birth record

It is free to re-register a birth. You can buy a copy of the birth certificate at any time for £11. 

How to re-register a birth

You will need to complete a re-registration form. The form you need to complete will depend on your situation.

When you have completed the form, you need to make an appointment with the register office to re-register the birth and bring the completed form to your appointment.

You need to re-register the birth at the local register office in the registration district where the baby was born. For births in Brighton & Hove, this is Brighton Town Hall. 

To book an appointment to re-register a birth, phone 01273 292 016.

If your baby was born outside Brighton & Hove

Your baby will need to be registered at the local register office where the baby was born.

Find a register office in England or Wales

If you cannot register the birth in the area where the baby was born, you can go to another register office and they will send your details to the correct office.

What you should take to the appointment

When you have booked your birth re-registration appointment, you will be asked to bring with you:

For re-registration after marriage (LA1)

  • a marriage certificate

  • the child's original birth certificate

For re-registration to add natural father (GRO 185)

  • the child's original birth certificate

You will also need to bring ID for yourself, such as

  • current passport
  • proof of address (such as a council tax bill)
  • driving licence

If there’s been a ‘Declaration of Parentage’

A Declaration of Parentage is when the court decides who the father of a baby is. If there has been a Declaration of Parentage,the court will tell the General Register Office and the birth will be re-registered. 

You do not need to re-register the birth in this situation, but you may wish to order a new birth certificate.