Weekly Housing Benefit rates for private tenants

Find out how we use Local Housing Allowance rates to work out your Housing Benefit, and which rate applies to you

Local Housing Allowance

The government sets Local Housing Allowance rates, and we use these to work out your Housing Benefit.

Your Local Housing Allowance rate is based on:

  • the area you live in
  • the rent rates being paid by other private tenants in the area
  • the number of bedrooms you can have in your property

You can use the bedroom calculator to find out how many bedrooms you can have.

You can then use the Local Housing Allowance calculator to find out which rate applies to you.

When we work out your Housing Benefit, the amount you get can never be more than your rent.

We'll review this after one year, unless you have a change in circumstances beforehand.

We usually pay Housing Benefit to you, but in some cases we can make the payment straight to your landlord.

Current rates

The table below shows how your weekly Housing Benefit depends on the number of bedrooms you can have in your property in Brighton and Hove.

These are the maximum rates we will pay. The actual amount you get will depend on your income, savings and circumstances.

If you're single and under 35 years of age, you can only get the shared accommodation weekly rate.

Category Weekly rate
Shared accommodation £98.96
One bedroom £184.11
Two bedroom £230.14
Three bedroom £276.16
Four bedroom £390.08

You are in shared accommodation if you:

  • share more than one room in your property
  • share a kitchen
  • share a bathroom or toilet