Proof you need to provide to support your benefit claim

Find out which proofs we need to see when you make a new benefit claim, or make changes to your benefit claim

Proof of identity

We need to see the original of of these proofs if you are making a new benefit claim. If you are claiming as a couple, you need to provide proofs for each of you.

You only need to provide one proof of identity from each column.
Proof of identity Proof of National Insurance number
Passport P45 or P60 from your last employer
European Union identity card National Insurance card
Driving licence Wage slip
Bank statement Letter from the Department for Work and Pensions
Birth or marriage certificate Letter from HM Revenues and Customs
Divorce paper Occupational pension slip
Residence permit  
Medical card  

Proof of income, savings and expenses

We need to see either the original or copies of these proofs for every benefit claim. These can be clear photos or scans. If you are claiming as a couple, you need to provide proofs for each of you.

Proof of earnings Proof of other income and savings
Wage slips from either each of the last five weeks or each of the last two months Award letter from the Department for Work and Pensions for other benefits you're getting
Letter from your employer Proof of a student grant, loan or bursary
Certificate of earnings Bank or building society statement

If you're self-employed, we need a record of your accounts or you can email us at to get a self-employed form.

If you're a company director, you need to provide payslips like a normal employee as well as your company accounts.

If any of the following apply to you, we also need to see proof of:

  • income for any non-dependant people living with you
  • any child benefits you get and proof of your child's date of birth
  • payments to a registered childcare provider
  • payments to a pension scheme unless they are shown in your wage slip
  • any student course to confirm the number of hours you're studying

Proof of rent

If you live in a privately owned property or a housing association, we need to know your rent, the date you moved in and if anyone lives with you. You can let us know by providing one of:

  • a current tenancy agreement from your landlord
  • a recently updated rent book

When you know what we need to see from you, find out how to send your proofs to us.