Paying Housing Benefit straight to your landlord

If you have health, debt or other problems that make it difficult for you to pay rent to your landlord, you can ask us to pay your Housing Benefit straight to them

Who should apply

When you have a Housing Benefit claim, we usually pay money into your own account, but sometimes we can arrange to pay it straight to your landlord.

We'll do this if you:

  • have a condition that affects your physical or mental health
  • have a learning or physical disability
  • do not speak English as your first language
  • are going through life changes that mean you need extra support
  • have problems with alcohol or drugs
  • have problems with debt

How to apply

Let us know that you'd like your Housing Beneft paid straight to your landlord by emailing us at

You need to include supporting information to show why we should arrange this, to help us with our decision. This information can be from:

We'll send you a letter to let you know our decision and what to do next.

Falling behind on rent

If we find that you're over eight weeks behind with paying your rent, we'll have to pay your Housing Benefit straight to your landlord even if you don't ask us to.

When this happens:

  • you'll stop getting Housing Benefit payments while we review your case
  • we'll contact you to check you agree that you are behind on your rent
  • if you don't reply within two weeks or prove that you're up to date on your rent, we'll make your next Housing Benefit payment straight to your landlord
  • your payments will keep going straight to your landlord until you catch up on your rent