If you're a claimant

We'll pay your Housing Benefit into your bank account every two weeks.

This needs to be an account with a high street bank. We can't pay into a Post Office account like some other benefits.

You must then make sure you pay your rent to your landlord.

In some circumstances we can arrange to pay your Housing Benefit straight to your landlord.

If you're a landlord

You'll get your payment schedule posted to you within two working days after a Housing Benefit payment date.

Contact us at housing.benefits@brighton-hove.gov.uk if you'd rather get your payment schedule by email.

If we've arranged to pay a tenant's Housing Benefit straight to you, we'll pay it into your bank account every four weeks in arrears.

If a tenant is over eight weeks behind on their rent, contact us to let us know. You'll need to tell us what they owe and the dates the debt covers.

Remember that the tenant can ask to return to receiving their benefit, rather than it going straight to you.. We'll write to you in advance to let you know they want to do this.

Payment dates for 2020 to 2021

This table shows the dates we'll pay Housing Benefit to claimants and landlords.

Month and year

Payment days to claimants

Payment day to landlords

April 2020

6th and 20th


May 2020

4th and 18th


June 2020

1st, 15th and 29th


July 2020

13th and 27th


August 2020

10th and 24th


September 2020

7th and 21st


October 2020

5th and 19th


November 2020

2nd, 16th and 30th

2nd and 30th

December 2020

14th & 24th


January 2021

11th and 25th


February 2021

8th and 22nd


March 2021

8th and 22nd