Give better advice

The welfare rights team aims to increase the number of people in the city who can give welfare benefits advice. We provide a wide range of training courses for people who work in local agencies. Most of the courses are taught by members of the team, but some are provided by experts from other organisations.

In 2012/13 about 600 people attended our courses from 57 organisations across the city and 40 teams within the council.

Contact us to see if our training can help your organisation. We can offer places on our normal programme of courses, or we may be able to design special courses to meet your needs. There are lots of changes taking place in the benefit system and we have produced a factsheet about these. We are also going out to organisations to talk about how these changes may effect people in the city.

The topics covered in our courses include:

  • overview of benefits
  • means testing
  • housing benefit
  • employment support allowance
  • disability living allowance & attendance allowance
  • tax credits with calculations  
  • pension credit
  • benefits for people with mental health needs
  • social fund
  • debt advice
  • refugees, asylum seekers and vulnerable migrants
  • universal credit
  • personal independent payment