Benefits (discretionary payments) - Apply for help to pay your rent in advance before moving

Use this form to apply for help to pay your rent in advance before moving.

To apply you need to have:

  • already found somewhere to move to
  • reached an agreement with the prospective landlord or agent.

You'll also need to provide:

  • your National Insurance number
  • proof of your new tenancy, such as a letter from the landlord with details of the tenancy and how much rent in advance is required to allow you to take up the tenancy
  • bank printouts for all accounts held (including savings and secondary accounts), showing transactions and balances for the last 30 days to show you can't afford the rent in advance yourself
  • if any member of your household has a medical condition, evidence of this condition
  • your new landlord's bank account details
  • information about you and any partner's income, savings and outgoings

There is currently no save functionality on this form. Please be prepared to complete the form in one session.

If you need help you can:

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