How we recover overpaid Housing Benefit you owe

If you've been paid too much Housing Benefit, we'll reduce the weekly payments from your current claim until you've paid the money back

How much Housing Benefit you'll pay back

We'll let you know that we're reducing your Housing Benefit by writing to you.

The amount taken from your Housing Benefit is:

  • £11.55 per week for most overpayments
  • £19.25 per week for overpayments caused by fraud
  • an additional amount between £2.50 and £12.50 per week, if you have any income

The maximum amount you'll pay back each week is £31.00.

If you want to pay back your overpayment faster, email us at to pay back more each week.

Paying your landlord

While your Housing Benefit is reduced you will still need to pay your full rent to your landlord, even if we pay your benefit straight to them.

Check the amount you need to pay with your landlord. This is the difference between your reduced Housing Benefit and full rent.

If you're struggling to pay your landlord, email us at to ask to pay back less each week by setting up a payment plan.

Paying an overpayment in one go

If you'd rather pay all at once, you can ask us to send you a bill instead by emailing