Benefits - Apply for help with rent and Council Tax

Use this form to:

  • get help with rent and Council Tax

To apply, you'll need photos or scanned images for you and / or your partner of your:

  • passport or driving licence
  • National Insurance number
  • up to date, valid Tenancy Agreement - if you don’t have one, a recent letter signed by your landlord or agent, containing all of your tenancy details
  • income proof,  like wage slips
  • savings and other capital
  • non-work income, like payments from parents, volunteer work
  • child Benefit notice, if you have one
  • childcare receipts

You'll also need:

  • your National Insurance number - often found on a payslip or a letter from the HMRC or the Department of Work and Pensions
  • details of a bank, building society, credit union or Post Office account into which your housing benefit will be paid
  • your rent agreement, if you have one
  • details of any savings and other capital
  • details of any non-work income, like income from an insurance plan
  • details of any other benefits you already get

If you have a partner you will also need their details.

If you have any children you will also need their details, including Child Benefit reference number, if you have one.

If you currently pay for childcare you will also need your childcare provider's details, including their registration number. You may be able to find this on a letter from your childcare provider or by asking them to provide it for you.

If you need help to fill in this form, you can:

There is currently no save functionality on this form. Please be prepared to complete the form in one session.