If you are supporting a family where a parent is drinking too much and want some additional support, please contact Back on Track.

Although we can’t run face to face training at the moment, we are still able to offer support.

It took lots of little nudges before it triggered something off in me that this was a problem.

If you have concerns about a parent's drinking

Contact our Family Practitioner who is experienced in engaging with parents who are dependent on alcohol or who are at risk of becoming so, and can provide advice to professionals

If you have concerns about a young person who might be affected by their parent's drinking

Contact Family Practitioner Susan Kleinman who works with Ruok? She is experienced in engaging with young people who have been affected by their parent's alcohol use. The parent does not need to be accessing treatment.

Susan  can also help with referrals to other services for young people. 

Back on Track posters and flyers

Download the Back on Track posters and flyers.

The number of children living with adults who are dependent drinkers is estimated to be


Public Health England

The number of adults who are known to be dependent on alcohol living with a child in Brighton & Hove is

nearly 1,000

Public Health England