To access levy transfer funds, you must meet the criteria outlined in the next section of this document. You must also support at least one of the council’s priorities. 

Please complete one application for each individual apprenticeship. 

We may restrict the number of applications per organisation depending on funding availability. Where applications received exceed funds available the council will score the applications.  Potential scores (when applicable) are outlined below.


Q1. Is the organisation based in Brighton & Hove?

  • Yes - go to Q2
  • No – Reject

Q2. Are you a non-levy paying organisation?

  • Yes – Go to Q3
  • No – Reject (unfortunately our funds are allocated for non-levy payers at this time)

Q3. Is the duration of the apprenticeship 60 months or less including End Point Assessment?

  • Yes - go to Q4
  • No - Reject

Q4. Is the cost of the apprenticeship within the allocated funding band?

  • Yes - go to Q5
  • No – Will the receiving employer pay the remainder? Yes - go to Q5
  • No – Reject

Q5. Is the apprenticeship a new start, meaning after the next published funding date?

  • Yes - go to Q6
  • No – Reject (unless this is for a redundant apprentice)

Q6. Is the duration a minimum of 12 months?

  • Yes - go to Q7
  • No – Is this because you are supporting a redundant or transferring apprentice who has less than 12 months to complete? Yes - go to Q7
  • No – Reject

Q7. What type of business are you?

Company Ltd by Guarantee

  • Micro Business / fewer than 10 employees - 6 points
  • Small or medium sized enterprise / 10 to 250 employees - 4 points
  • Large organisation / 250+ employees - 2 points

Other business types

  • Non levy community voluntary sector / charity - 6 points
  • Non levy paying school - 6 points
  • ATA - all host organisations must be based in Brighton & Hove - 2 points
  • Other, please describe - 0 points

Q8. Which priority or priorities are you supporting?

  • Support a redundant apprentice or apprentice accessing through kickstart scheme - 10 points
  • Your business recovery from Covid - 4 points
  • No-one left behind - 4 points
  • Learn to earn transition (new recruit) - 4 points
  • Learn to earn transition (existing staff) - 2 points
  • Brighton & Hove City Council aim to be carbon neutral by 2030 - 4 points

Q9. Are you a Disability Confident employer or are willing to investigate becoming one?

  • Yes - 2 points
  • No, but willing to investigate - 2 points
  • No - 0 points

Q10. Cost

Where applications exceed available funds, if scores are equal then the lowest priced programmes will be prioritised.