What you can't bring onto your allotment

Chemicals and items that could pollute or cause nuisance or danger on your plot.

What you can't take to your allotment

You must compost kitchen scraps at home before bringing them to your allotment. This is because scraps can provide a food source for vermin, such as rats and mice.

If a vermin problem is traced to your allotment you could receive a rubbish notice.

You're not allowed to bring garden waste onto your allotment. Doing this could result in a rubbish notice and we could end your tenancy.

Materials that can pollute your allotment

A pollutant doesn't need to be immediately toxic and includes waste materials or visually polluting materials. This is things like glass, hardcore and excessive building materials that are not used quickly.

If the things listed in the table below are found on your allotment we could give you a rubbish and polluting materials notice, and we could end your tenancy.

Material Issue Rule
Asbestos Toxic Not allowed on site, but if found, cover it and inform your site representative
Carpet Pollutes the soil Not allowed on site
Tyres Pollutes the soil Not allowed on site
Glass bottles used for construction Dangerous Not allowed
Scrap metal Polluting Not allowed on site
Chemicals Polluting Not allowed
Creosote Polluting Not allowed
Chemical drums Polluting Not allowed
Large numbers of plastic containers Polluting Not allowed
Painted timber Polluting Not allowed
Large quantities of plastic sheeting Polluting Not allowed

More information

Find out about rubbish and polluting notices you could receive and why we issue them.