What you can bring onto your allotment

Composting and what you can use on your plot.


Well-rotted compost can be delivered to your allotment directly via the haulage way. Please avoid deliveries during wet weather to reduce the damage to haulage ways, and the risk of vehicles getting stuck. You're responsible for any costs of recovery or repair.

If you only have wheelbarrow access to your plot, you can have compost dropped nearby. It must be moved quickly and shouldn't block access for other tenants.

Waste materials created on your allotment should be composted in contained heaps. Large sprawling heaps aren't allowed and could lead to us giving you a nuisance notice.

The council doesn't deliver compost to any site.

Bark chip

You can bring small amounts of bark chip or straw on to your allotment, if you're using it for paths or mulching of crops.

Your site representative can also arrange for bark chip to be delivered, as long as it's used quickly and does not block access.