Water supply on allotments

How to share and use the water supply on your allotment.

Water supply

The water supply on allotments is shared between all tenants. We ask that you remember this, especially during busy times.

If there are any issues with accessing the water supply, please speak to your site representative.

Permanent piping leading to a plot from a tap or mains pipe is not allowed. If you make connections to the allotment water pipes, we will end your tenancy. Any form of flood or sprinkler irrigation is not allowed and these items will be removed.

You’ll receive a nuisance notice if you have these watering systems.

You can run a temporary hose from your main tap to your plot, for hand watering or to fill a water butt. You can then fill watering cans when you need to. 

If you notice a leaking tap or pipe, note the number of the nearest plot and send an email to allotments@brighton-hove.gov.uk, they'll arrange repairs.

When to water your plot

There is a citywide problem with poor water pressure during the summer months. This is worse at the weekend due to increased demand. We recommend that you avoid these busier times, and water on a weekday or in the evening.

Water is one of the largest costs to the Allotments Service, so we recommend watering in the morning or evening when it's cooler.

Watering during the hottest part of the day can lead to 90% of the water being lost through evaporation. You can also use surface mulches to reduce water loss from the soil. 

You can fill water butts to use when water demand is high, and make sure structures that can collect rain water do so.