Sheds, security and keys to your allotment

What size shed you can have, how to keep your allotment safe and buying new keys.


You can have one shed on your plot that measures up to two metres by three metres, and not more than 2.2 metres tall. Sheds should be placed on a sand and slab foundation, concrete bases are not allowed.

If your shed is leaning or collapsing you’ll receive a shed notice. You’ll need to either remove the shed or make it safe.

You can break down and burn unpainted or untreated shed wood on site, as long as you stick to the guidance on bonfires.

Find out how to burn untreated wood safely.

You’ll need to bag up the following and take it to Brighton & Hove recycling centre

  • painted or treated wood
  • roofing felt
  • glass
  • metal
  • plastic


To avoid break in’s, it’s a good idea to have a stout lock on your shed. We suggest you bring tools and machinery with you, and take them home when you leave.

Don’t leave tools, chemicals, fuel or valuables visible. If you do need to leave tools in your shed lay them flat on the floor and cover them.

If your shed is broken into or you see people on the site illegally, tell the police straight away. Also let your site representative know. They can check points of entry onto the site, and repair broken fencing.

Don’t approach anyone you suspect has stolen from a plot or shed, always call the police. The non-emergency number for Sussex Police is 101.


If you lose your allotment gate key, or need another one for a co-worker, you can buy them from your site representative. If you notice any damage to the allotment gate, please let your site representative know.