Allotment co-workers

How to register a co-worker to your allotment, and request to transfer your plot to a co-worker.

How to register a co-worker

You can share cultivation on your allotment by registering a co-worker. Once signed up, co-workers have a key so they can work unsupervised on the plot.

Co-workers have no legal tenancy rights and are not responsible for any part of the rent. You're not allowed to take money from your co-worker for using your plot.

The maximum number of co-workers per plot is:

  • standard plot – two
  • double plot – three

If you want more than three co-workers on your plot, you’ll need to register as a community gardening group.

To do this, contact your site representative. They’ll give you 2 copies of the co-workers agreement form to fill in, as well as spare keys for your co-worker once they’ve been signed up.

Please send one copy of the form to: The Allotments Service, Stanmer Nursery, Stanmer Park, Lewes Road, Brighton, BN1 9SE, the other copy is for you to keep. You'll need to complete two copies of the agreement per co-worker.

Allotment tenants are responsible for the behaviour of their co-workers. If a co-worker breaks the tenancy rules, we can end their co-worker status.

How to transfer your plot to a co-worker

A co-worker can take over your tenancy, if they've been registered to your plot for a minimum of two years. Plot transfers are not automatic and must be agreed to by the Allotments Service.

A transfer won't be agreed until a co-worker has worked on the plot for at least as long as the person at the top of the waiting list has been waiting. This is to stop co-workers getting a plot before people on the waiting list.

To complete a plot transfer we’ll need to:

  • check your co-worker has been registered to your plot for the required amount of time
  • receive a written request from the current tenant
  • receive a new tenancy agreement from the co-worker
  • agree to the plot transfer

Plot transfers are completed towards the end of summer. This means the new tenant can be on our database in time for the following year’s invoice.

When we transfer a tenancy to a co-worker, we'll remove them from the allotment waiting lists. Please update us if you’re taking over a tenancy, this helps us keep the waiting lists up to date.

To arrange a plot transfer send an email to