Due to a combination of changes to work practices and ongoing Council IT issues, we are unable to process your allotment application at this time. For more details, please read the information below.

When we are able to process your applications your position on your chosen waiting list will be based on your original application date, so this will not affect when you are allocated a plot.

Plots only become available when existing tenants either give up their plot or have their tenancy ended for breaking the rules and this turnover is not constant.

We cannot accurately estimated when you will receive a plot on the site you have chosen, but the average wait for a plot is around three years.

We will contact all applicants over this period to inform them when their applications have been processed.

We apologise for any inconvenience.

Check allotment availability

There are currently waiting lists for plots at all the allotment sites.

You can find your nearest allotment site on the city parks map.

When a tenant leaves a plot, it'll be offered to the next person on the waiting list. The table below shows how long the next person to be offered a plot has been waiting. The average waiting time is three to four years and sometimes a lot longer for the smaller sites.

When the number of applicants reaches the same as the total number of plots on the site, the waiting list for that site is closed. When the number of applicants goes down, the list is re-opened.

To put your name on one of the waiting lists you can apply for an allotment and pay the waiting list administration fee.

Find your waiting list position three weeks after you've reserved a plot. 

Site name and nearest postcode Location - the link will take you to a map Total plots No. on the waiting list Easy access? Waiting since
Mile Oak BN41 2YX Overdown Rise (near Gorse Close) 80 12 Yes March 2017
Foredown BN41 2GW Thornbrush Crescent (north end) 39 16 Limited mobility plots July 2017
St. Louie Home BN42 4PT Prince Charles Close (north end) 83 12 Yes February 2015
Camp Site BN41 2AA Windlesham Close (west side, south end) 165 17 Yes January 2016
Eastbrook BN42 4NW Old Shoreham Rd (near Manor Close & Hadrian Av) 124 27 Yes April 2014
Lark Hill BN3 8PG Park Rise (near Northease Drive) 17 16 - closed Yes August 2016
North Nevill BN3 7QD Eridge Road (south end) 120 106 Yes October 2014
Weald BN3 7JN Weald Avenue (north end) 478 270 Yes and limited mobility plots December 2014
Horsdean BN1 8YF Vale Avenue (north side) 52 21 Yes September 2015
Patcham Court BN1 8UB Vale Avenue south side) 27 15 Yes April 2016
Keston BN1 8WW Highview Av South (near Ladies Mile Rd) 74 16 Yes March 2016
Peacock Lane BN1 6WA Peacock Lane (west end) 9 9 - closed Yes April 2014
Charltons BN1 9EG The Charltons (north side) 7 2 No January 2019, expect wait of over 5 years
Coldean BN1 9GR Coldean Lane (near Chalvington Close) 40 14 Yes and limited mobility plots July 2017
Roedale Valley BN1 7HZ Golf Drive (top end) 266 159 Yes September 2014
Lower Roedale BN1 7FP Lynchett Close (track adjacent to playground) 156 59 Yes April 2016
Waverley Crescent BN1 7BG Waverley Crescent (south end) 8 6 - closed No September 2016
Thompson Road BN1 7BH Thompson Rd (adjacent to railway line) 38 3 No June 2018
Moulsecoomb Estate BN2 4BN Natal Rd / Nesbitt Rd 204 28 Yes September 2018
Old Waterworks BN2 4AY Freehold Terrace / Saunders Park View 33 28 No April 2016
Manton Road BN2 4FB Manton Rd (near Plymouth Avenue & Fitch Drive) 35 10 No December 2015
Tenantry Down BN2 3ED Tenantry Down Rd (both sides) 263 125 Yes January 2017
Pankhurst Avenue BN2 9YP Pankhurst Avenue (north side) 6 7 - closed No January 2014
Chates Farm BN2 9JS Albion Hill (south side opposite Grove St) 11 13 - closed No December 2012
Race Hill BN2 5QD Wilson Av / Swanborough Drive 81 35 Yes August 2016
Whitehawk Hill BN2 0YQ Whitehawk Hill Rd (near radio mast) 174 107 Yes January 2016
Walpole Road BN2 OAH Walpole Road (off Whitehawk Hill Rd) 41 32 No September 2013
St. Marks BN2 5BD Bristol Gate / Manor Rd 9 11 Yes June 2014
Craven Vale BN2 5DD Beresford Rd (north end) 163 68 No June 2015
Ovingdean BN2 7AY Greenways (west side, south of Ovingdean) 21 22 - closed No August 2012
Hildesland BN2 7HA The Green (north side of track off north west corner) 26 13 No June 2017
Windmill Hill BN2 7HG Sheep Walk (off Nevill Road) 27 28 Yes May 2014
Hoggs Platt BN2 7HA The Green track off north west corner beyond extension) 25 15 Yes December 2012
Hoggs Platt Extension BN2 7HA The Green (south side of track off north west corner) 8 7 - closed Yes April 2014
Falmer BN1 9PJ Mill St / Ridge Rd, Falmer North 8 9 - closed No August 2015