Apply for an allotment

Apply for an allotment from the council, pricing and concessions.

When we process your application your position on your chosen waiting list will be based on your original application date, so this will not affect when you're allocated a plot.

Plots only become available when existing tenants either:

  • give up their plot
  • have their tenancy ended for breaking the rules

This turnover is not constant.

We cannot accurately estimate when you'll receive a plot on the site you've chosen. The average wait for a plot is around 3 years.

We'll contact all applicants over this period to inform them when their applications have been processed.

How to apply for an allotment

If you want to apply for an allotment, you’ll need to join the waiting list. For this, there's a one-off administration fee of £18.80.

For more information about why there's an administration fee, visit Brighton & Hove Allotment Federation.

You can apply for an allotment if you:

  • live in Brighton & Hove
  • are over 18 years of age
  • don't already have an allotment, unless you're applying for a limited mobility plot
  • have less than 2 allotments per household

Cost of an allotment

Currently, plots are charged at 36 pence per square metre, for example:

Type of plotSizePrice
Half plot125 square metres approx.£45.00 per year
Whole Plot250 square metres approx.£90.00 per year

There is also an annual administration fee of £25.00 per individual plot holder, regardless of plot size.


You can apply for an allotment free of charge, and receive 25% off your yearly rent ad exemption from the annual administration fee, if you:

  • are 60 years of age or over
  • are a full-time student
  • receive long-term disability allowance
  • get the majority of your income from benefits, such as income support

If you're 60 years of age or over, you only need to provide proof of age once. After that, we’ll automatically apply your concession.

You'll need to provide one of the following documents:

  • free bus pass
  • driving license
  • passport

Send this to us:

  • send a photocopy by post to The Allotments Service, Stanmer Nursery, Stanmer Park, Lewes Road, Brighton, BN1 9SE
  • send a photo or scanned copy by email to

Send or email an accompanying letter including your:

  • name
  • site
  • plot number

If you want to apply for student or benefit reduction, you need to re-apply each year.

Submit your proof before invoices are sent out in September. You won't receive a backdated refund if you submit proof after invoices are issued.

Find my position on the waiting list

You can find out your waiting list position 3 weeks after you've reserved a plot.