National Allotment Society advice to allotment plot holders

The National Allotment Society suggests that you:

  • do not go to the plot if you have coronavirus symptoms or a family member is self-isolating
  • have soap, water and paper towels with you for frequent hand washing
  • wash your hands for 20 seconds (or use hand sanitizer) after touching surfaces touched by others like gate locks or tools
  • do not use antibacterial soaps in any shared water butts or in any water that may be used for crops
  • do not touch your face after using anything that has been touched by other people
  • observe social distancing with other people and keep a minimum of two metres apart
  • make sure your children stay within the perimeters of your plot
  • do not share tools

For more information visit the National Allotment Society.

Contacting the Allotment Service

The Allotment Service and all of Cityparks is currently operating with limited staff numbers. Working practices have also been effected by current restrictions.

We will only be able to respond to emails and online forms reporting emergency or high priority issues. This is due to the high number of issues raised over this period.

Non-priority enquiries or requests should be submitted after the lockdown situation.

Site Representatives

Site representatives have been advised to self-isolate if they are of retirement age, or otherwise in at risk groups. Because of this, several have temporarily relinquished their site duties to avoid putting themselves or others at risk.

Some site representatives are carrying on with reduced duties, but we can't ask them to fully resume their role until the Council has provided guidance on volunteers. This will be completed after they have fully responded to staffing issues. 

Plot letting

Plot letting has been suspended for the duration of the lockdown. We hope to resume letting plots when the Councils H&S Team have provided suitable guidance for volunteers and when our I.T systems have been fully restored. 

Annual Inspections

There will be no plot inspections for the duration of the lockdown, however we will be contacting plot holders of any plots that have been unused for the entirety of the year.

Routine maintenance

The Allotment Service will not respond to requests for routine maintenance for the duration of the lockdown. 


  • all allotments sites have been provided with a water supply
  • any water supply issues reported to us will be investigated and resolved at the earliest opportunity
  • Southern Water is experiencing high demand and as always we are asking tenants to curtail their water use and ensure they are collecting as much rain water as they are able to


  • plot holders are able to have bonfires following the usual restrictions, please note, we are asking tenants to consider wider community concerns and defer lighting bonfires unless entirely necessary
  • smoke from bonfires can aggravate the symptoms of vulnerable people 
  • smoke from bonfires can cause stress for those staying at home to shield, isolate or social distance
  • there is a heightened risk of uncontrolled fires during prolonged dry periods

Locks and keys

  • site representatives have been advised against issuing replacement or duplicate keys
  • the Allotment Service does not keep supplies of spare padlocks or site keys
  • locksmiths are closed during the present crisis and all locks will be replaced with temporary combination locks