Allotment notices

The different notices you could receive and why we issue them.

Notices and the rules

Find information about notices and all allotment rules in the allotments rulebook (PDF 280KB).

Cultivation notice

You must grow crops or flowers on 75% of your plot. If you have large areas of lawn and unkempt or non-cropped beds, you could receive a cultivation notice.

If you receive a cultivation notice, increase the area you’re cultivating before the re-inspection date on the notice. If things are not corrected and you fail the re-inspection, we could end your tenancy.

Weed notice 

If you’ve received a weed notice, clear weeds from your to prevent weed seeds from affecting other plots.

A cultivation or weed notice will be active for 3 calendar months after it was issued. After this the council will take no further action. If we agree with you that a future re-inspection is required, the notice could stay active for longer.

Rubbish and polluting materials notice

If you have rubbish or materials that cause pollution on your allotment, you could receive a rubbish and polluting materials notice. You should act on this immediately.

Find out what you can't bring onto your allotment.

Trees and hedges notice

If you have oversized trees or hedges on your plot, or some specific varieties of trees you could receive a notice.

Find out which varieties of trees are not allowed in the allotments rulebook (PDF 280KB).

You’ll need to prune back tall trees and hedges to the agreed height, and remove unsuitable trees completely.

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Nuisance notice

A nuisance notice can be issued if you:

  • have a bonfire that’s in breach of site rules
  • have a dog roaming free without a lead
  • act in an anti-social or immoral way
  • use a hose for unattended watering
  • sleep over-night on allotment land
  • block a haulage way with a vehicle
  • act in a way that is considered unsafe, either to yourself or someone else

Nuisance notices are recorded on your tenancy records, and remain active. The first nuisance notice you receive is a warning, but if you commit the same offence a second time, we will end your tenancy.

Dangerous shed notice

A dangerous shed notice can be issued if your shed:

  • is collapsing
  • is leaning dangerously
  • has loose or rotten parts
  • has broken panes of glass
  • has loose or jagged metal work

If you’ve received a dangerous shed notice, make it safe or remove it completely within the time permitted.

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Find out what to do if you’ve received a notice.

Find more information about notices and all allotment rules in the allotments rulebook (PDF 280KB).