Allotment inspections

When your plot will be inspected, and the level of cultivation required.

Probationary tenancy and inspections

The first 12 months of your tenancy is a probationary period. During this time inspections are less demanding. We won't inspect your plot at all within the first 3 months.

After 3 months we'll expect to see at least 40% of the plot cultivated, and 50% of your plot cultivated within the first year.

If you don’t manage this, the council reserves the right to end your tenancy and re-let the plot.

After your 12 month probationary period, we’ll expect you to cultivate 75% of your plot. At this point, you’ll enter the normal inspection process. 

To help manage the areas of your plot that aren't cultivated, we recommend mulching with a weed suppressing membrane. This will condition the soil for when you're ready to grow crops, and will stop weed growth. 

You can also strim down grass and tall weeds in the non-cropped areas.

Normal inspection process

We’ll carry out 3 inspections on each site during the growing season. This is between April and October. You'll receive a notice if you're not cultivating your plot, or if you break the rules listed in the allotments rulebook (PDF 280KB).

We'll send your notice to the address we have on record, so please let us know if you change your address.

Find out more about specific notices, and what to do if you receive a notice.