How to stay safe at home

How to get personal alarms and home sensors, and how to protect yourself from dangers like fire and fraud.

Get a personal alarm or sensor

You can get personal alarms and sensors from the Carelink Plus alarm and telecare service.

These devices help keep you safe at home, and allow you to call a CareLink staff member for help in an emergency. 

How to stay safe from fire

Fire may be more of a risk in your home, if you or someone that lives with you:

  • is 65 years or older
  • has a disability or reduced mobility
  • has hearing or sight loss
  • is a smoker
  • uses oxygen or has an airflow mattress

To find out if you can get a free home safety visit, phone the East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service on 0800 177 7069.

They will visit you, and give you advice on how to reduce your risk of having a fire.

How to protect yourself from fraud

Older people, and people with care and support needs, are sometimes at a high risk of fraud. This includes things like doorstep crime, email and telephone scams. 

Get advice about how to protect yourself from fraud from Sussex Police

Find out about the Operation Signature campaign, which helps identify and support vulnerable victims of fraud in Sussex

If you or someone you know has been a victim of fraud, visit Sussex Police online or phone 101.

How to keep your money safe

If you need care and support, you may need other people to help you manage your money. Without the right support, you could be at risk of financial abuse.

If you're worried about financial abuse, find out how we can help.

You can have someone you trust manage your money, by arranging a Lasting Power of Attorney. 

Find out how to arrange a lasting power of attorney on the GOV.UK website.