Your support plan

After you've had an assessment, if we can help with your care and support we'll write a support plan.

Writing your support plan

Depending on what you need, different types of care and support could help you. Find out about the type of help that's available.

If we decide you need help, we’ll put together a support plan with you. This will set out what help you need and how it'll be provided.

When we write your support plan, we'll involve you as much as possible. We’ll ask what’s important to you, and encourage you to take control of how you receive your support.

Do you need help to express your views and wishes? Find out how an advocate could help.

Financial assessment

We’ll do a financial assessment when we’re looking into what help you need. We’ll let you know about costs, and if you need to pay some of the cost towards your care and support.

Find out how to get a personal budget to pay for your care and support.

Keeping your support plan up to date

Adult Social Care should arrange to review your support plan once a year, to make sure it still works for you. If your needs change, you can ask for a review sooner.

Find out how we review your support plan, including what to expect during a review and how to ask for a review.