Supported living

Supported living provides housing as well as care and support. Find out what supported living is and who can get it.

Who supported living is for

Supported living is for people who need some support, but don’t want to live in a care home.

Depending on the amount of support needed, the accommodation could be a shared house or flat. The number of people living together also varies.

Supported living can help people with things like a learning disability or mental health condition.

Some supported living accommodation provides low level support, while others provide 24-hour support for people who need more help.

How supported living works

Support can help with:

  • developing new skills
  • daily living skills like cooking, cleaning and shopping
  • personal care
  • housing related support
  • your health and wellbeing
  • accessing the local community including employment and training

You have a tenancy agreement and you pay for rent and bills.

If you receive Housing Benefit, you could get help with some of these costs.

How to get supported living

To find out if you can get supported living, ask Adult Social Care for an assessment. If you can get help, someone will plan your support with you.

To request an assessment, send an email to or phone 01273 29 55 55. 

More Information 

Find out how we monitor the quality of supported living.