Seniors housing

Seniors Housing is for older people who want to live independently, but need some support. In Brighton & Hove this used to be called sheltered housing.

About Seniors Housing

Seniors Housing allows older people to be part of an active community, while knowing help is always available.

Most Seniors Housing has a manager or warden. They're on site throughout the day to keep a check on the residents and look after the building. 

There is also a 24 hour emergency alarm, so residents can contact the manager or our CareLink Plus alarm service, when the manager is off duty. 

Find out more about CareLink Plus alarm and telecare.

There are communal areas like lounges and gardens, and guest rooms for family and friends to stay in. 

Extra care housing

Extra care housing is for older people who need some extra support to look after themselves. These schemes have 24 hour care staff available. If you’d like to find out more about extra care housing, send an email to or phone 01273 29 55 55.

Seniors Housing or extra care housing could be right for you if you:

•    are not managing at home
•    want easy access to help 
•    want to get involved with social activities 

What residents pay for

As a resident you pay:

•    rent, unless you own the property
•    household bills like electricity and water
•    a charge towards the cost of the scheme manager
•    a charge for the alarm service

If you receive Housing Benefit, you could get help towards some of these costs.

In extra care housing, you might have to pay a contribution towards the cost of your care.

How to apply

Find out how to apply for Seniors Housing in Brighton & Hove.

Find out how to buy a seniors housing property, on the Housing Care website. 

If you want to speak to someone about seniors housing, phone Homemove on
01273 29 44 00, or send an email to

More information

Find out more about housing options for older people from the Elderly Accommodation Counsel.

For help making decisions about your housing check the housing options for older people (HOOP) questionnaire.