How we review your support plan

What happens when your care and support is reviewed, and how to request a review.

What happens when we review your support plan

If you get care and support from Adult Social Care, we’ll arrange a review at least once a year. We’ll make sure your support plan is up to date and is still meeting your needs. The review can take place in your home or over the phone.

We’ll check if you’re still happy with the care and support you get. We’ll also speak to the other people involved in your care, for example your family members, GP or carer. 

If there’s been any change to your personal circumstances, it might be best to change the care you get. The review is an opportunity for you to tell us how you feel about the support you get, and to discuss other ways we could help. 

A friend or a family member can speak on your behalf if you wish.

If you need help to express your views and wishes, an advocate could help.

Types of review

There are three types of review:

  • planned - takes place at an arranged time and is set up by us
  • unplanned - when your needs or circumstances have changed, for example after you’ve been in hospital
  • requested - when either you, or someone who knows you has requested a review

In most cases, a care manager or social worker will arrange your review. However, we might ask ask another professional, such as a nurse, to carry out your review if we feel it’s more appropriate. 

Request a review

If you’re not happy with the care you’re receiving, speak to your care provider.

Use our online forms to:

If you need help filling in these forms, send an email to or phone 01273 29 55 55.

If we feel your support is still meeting your needs, we can decide that a review isn’t needed. We will explain these decisions to you, and review your support at the planned time. 

After your review

If we decide your care and support should change, we’ll write up a new support plan. We'll send you a copy of the plan, and you'll have the opportunity to tell us if you want to change anything.

If you have difficulty understanding any part of the review process, but don’t have anyone to help you, an advocate could help you.