Help with household tasks

How to get help around the home with things like cleaning, gardening, cooking and shopping.

Get help from a local service

If you’re having difficulty with household tasks, a local service could help you. 

For help with housework, laundry, home maintenance and gardening you can contact: 

For help with shopping or cooking, you could:

Get help ordering and collecting your medication

Most GP practices offer online and telephone services for ordering repeat prescriptions. You can also ask to have your medication delivered to your home.

Get help with computer skills

If you’d like to do more things online, find out about free computer support sessions from Digital Brighton and Hove.

Paying for help around the home

If you have a long term health condition, illness or disability you might be able to get help with the cost of getting help around the home. 

Check what benefits are available to you

If you only need help with household tasks, you would usually need to pay for this yourself. If you think you need more help, ask Adult Social Care for an assessment.