Choose the right support or care home

What to think about before you consider a care home, and the types of care homes there are. Sometimes care homes are known as nursing, residential, rest or retirement homes.

About care homes

A care home provides 24 hour care and support. This includes accommodation, meals and help with personal care. 

There are different types of care homes, depending on the support you need.

Residential care homes

In a residential care home, you can get help with your personal care. This includes things like washing and dressing, eating and drinking, going to the toilet and taking medication.

Care homes with nursing

In care homes with nursing, you can get help with your personal care. There are also qualified nurses on site if you need regular medical attention, due to illness or a medical condition.

Some care homes offer both types of support. This can be a good option if your condition is likely to get worse over time.

Other options before going into a care home

If you’re struggling at home, or recovering from an illness or injury, you might think about moving into a care home. It’s important to consider what other options are available first.

Before moving into a care home, you could consider:

How to find a care home

Ask Adult Social Care for an assessment. If we can help you, we’ll discuss your options with you.

If you want to arrange your own support, there are different ways to do this:

If you need help to express your views and wishes, find out how an advocate could help.

Paying for your care

The cost of a care home depends on its facilities, and the type of care you need. 

If you’re arranging your own care and support, find out how to pay for your care and support.

More information

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