How the service works

CareLink Plus

CareLink Plus provides you with an alarm unit that plugs into your telephone line which has a loud speaker and a microphone, and an emergency button which you can wear on a cord around your neck or on a wrist strap.

If you don’t have a landline telephone connection we can supply a unit that uses the mobile network, subject to sufficient signal strength in your home.

When activated, an alarm call is automatically made to the CareLink Plus monitoring centre without the need to use the telephone.

Telecare sensors

A range of telecare sensors can be provided to help manage risks in your home and detect possible dangers, such as smoke or carbon monoxide leak. Telecare sensors are available to detect if you fall during the day or night. These sensors automatically generate an alarm call if they activate, without the need for you to press your button.

Alarm call

Your alarm call is received in the CareLink Plus monitoring centre where your details will be displayed on screen, so we will know who you are and important information such as your medical conditions and how to access your property. We'll talk to you to find out what help you need. If we cannot make contact with you we will assume that you need help and take action, rather than assume everything is ok.

If you need help

Should you need help, we will arrange the appropriate response. This could be to contact:

  • a partner
  • family member
  • friend
  • your carers
  • a nominated emergency contact.

If necessary we will arrange for the following to attend:

  • a doctor or paramedics
  • the police
  • the fire service

Standard and enhanced telecare alarm package

CareLink Plus offers a Standard and Enhanced telecare alarm package, and a GSM mobile network service.

There is an initial 4 week free period available to support customers who are being discharged from hospital, supported by an informal unpaid carer or supported by the Living Well team.

Standard package

This includes:

  • an assessment to establish the telecare equipment that would meet your needs and any requirements the Living Well service can assist with
  • an alarm unit and emergency button
  • installation of CareLink Plus telecare alarm equipment
  • 24 hours, 7 days a week monitoring of alarm calls and response co-ordination
  • service and maintenance of all telecare equipment supplied

Subject to the assessment this package can also include:

  • smoke, heat, carbon monoxide, and flood detectors linked to the monitoring centre
  • falls detecting pendant alarm button
  • additional fixed alarm button in a location where falls are likely, such as the shower, toilet, on the skirting beside the bed
  • a fixed button by the front door to alert in case of bogus callers
  • a fixed pull cord alarm trigger in a location such as beside the bed or in the bathroom
  • automated reminder alerts or well-being check calls, that raise an alarm call if you fail to respond
  • additional equipment prescribed by Living Well
  • support to access services to improve your well- being such as befriending, meal delivery and social activities

Enhanced package

This includes everything available in the standard package plus the following extras subject to assessment:

  • bed and chair sensors that will activate in the event of falls or absence
  • pressure and movement detectors
  • epileptic seizure sensors that will raise an alarm call when a seizure is detected
  • detectors that will activate if doors are opened or not closed
  • systems to alert onsite carers when an alarm call has been raised
  • GPS locator devices for use when you are out and about

GSM Mobile Network Service

This is available where a customer does not have a landline telephone connection, subject to sufficient signal strength in the property. A SIM card is provided and there are no additional call charges for alarm calls made. This service includes everything from the Standard and Enhanced packages subject to assessment.

Home access and keyholders

CareLink Plus must be able to get help into your home whenever you need it at any time 24 hours a day seven days a week. To do this we use keyholders who could be friends, family, or neighbours who we can call upon to check on your well-being, or to open the door for the emergency services.

Contact us

For more information about of our services, contact us:

Telephone: 0300 123 3301

Text: If you experience hearing or speech difficulties you can contact us via text on 07800 006 984

Email: or

Website: CareLink Plus

Write to us at: Suite 6A, Patching Lodge, Park Street, Brighton, BN2 0AQ

All telephone lines are voice recorded.We will arrange for an officer to come to your home to assess your needs, demonstrate the equipment, and fully explain the service.

Translation service

We provide translations of these guidelines in the following languages:

  • Arabic
  • Bengali
  • Cantonese
  • Farsi
  • French
  • Mandarin
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Turkish
  • other

We can also make them available in alternative formats, such as:

  • braille
  • large print
  • audio
  • BSL

Please contact us to discuss options.