Health and Adult Social Care

Amazonas Arts

Amazonas Arts bring the transformative art of Capoeira to you. At an Amazonas Arts session, you will awaken your body exploring its physicality and musicality. Capoeira Angola is an improvised 'game' of dance-combat 'played' by two participants within a circle of people. The game is directed by live percussion music. Capoeira Angola empowers people to fulfil their own potential using a unique physical and musical art. It enhances wellbeing in all Capoeira practitioners.

Artspace Brighton

Artspace Brighton is an Art and Mental Health charity based in a studio on the Bristol Estate, East Brighton.

Artspace increase opportunities for people with experience of mental health issues to engage with art activities in a stable and supportive space.

Self referrals are welcomed with a supportive statement from a professional.

  • 61A Bowring Way, Brighton, BN2 5DG

Brighton Table Tennis Club

Brighton Table Tennis Club works with people of all ages, especially young people, to improve health, celebrate diversity and build a strong community. They run sessions for young people of all ages and backgrounds, those aged 50+, adults with learning disabilities, children in care, at over 10 schools, colleges and more.

  • The Fitzherbert Centre, 36 Upper Bedford Street, Kemptown, Brighton, BN2 1JP

Fan Dance Theatre Company

Fan Dance Theatre Company is a Brighton based company of performers with and without disabilities who make feature length shows and deliver integrated creative workshops. Performers work together to produce unique pieces encompassing comedy, shadow imagery, dance and acting. Their mission is to use a range of inclusive and artistic approaches to create fun performances for festivals, social events, schools and colleges.

Gig Buddies

Gig Buddies pairs up people with and without learning disabilities, that have similar interests, to be friends and to go to events together. The project aims to tackle social isolation by improving community networks and providing the opportunity for adults with learning disunities to have proper choice over how they live their lives. They also run monthly socials across Sussex which people can join, while they wait to be matched to a Gig Buddy volunteer.

  • Stay Up Late, Fellowship Room Office, Hove Methodist Church, Portland Road, Hove, BN3 5DR