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A national charity that works to improve life after brain injury. Through their network of more than 125 groups and branches across the UK, they aim to promote understanding of all aspects of brain injury to survivors, their families and carers.

Life After Stroke Services

Life After Stroke Services, run by the Stroke Association, are designed to provide the right support at the right time to ensure every stroke survivor makes the best possible recovery. They currently offer a range of services covering the whole stroke pathway through theStroke Recovery Service and individual service elements.


A local charity that supports people with Aphasia who live in Sussex.

SayAphasia run drop- ins for people who would like to meet other people with Aphasia and discuss their experiences. They also organise trips and outings where people with Aphasia can spend time together doing things they enjoy.

  • 9 Gatton Park Lane, Brighton, BN1 5BQ