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Brighton Housing Trust - Immigration legal advice

Brighton Housing Trusts Immigration Legal Service can offer legal advice and representation for those eligible to legal aid funding e.g. asylum cases, bail and some specific cases involving domestic violence or human trafficking.

The Immigration Legal Service offer appointments for more complex matters where Legal aid is available for:

  1. Advice and representation in asylum and article 3 applications.

  3. Preparation and representation at asylum and article 3 appeals.

  5. Advice and representation in Bail, Domestic violence cases and for those who have been found to be the victims of trafficking and preparation and representation at Appeals

  7. Advising on the merits of making an application for Judicial Review.

  9. Advice, assistance and representation in the High Courts.

Refugee Council

A national charity working directly with refugees, and supporting them to rebuild their lives. They also speak up for refugees, and ensure refugees have a stronger and more influential voice in decisions that will affect them. They work with a range of partners to ensure they can best support their clients, focussing on various aspects of their life including housing and finding work.

  • PO Box 68614, London, E15 9DQ

Refugee radio

An independent charity dedicated to human rights. The heart of their work is a weekly radio programme that helps refugees and asylum seekers to have a voice. They also work with the arts and run community projects supporting people who have experienced mental health issues. Refugee Radio is a platform for refugees, asylum seekers and other vulnerable migrants to tell their own stories to their new communities.