CareLink Plus alarm and telecare service

How to get a personal alarm to call for help in an emergency.

Apply for a CareLink Plus alarm

CareLink Plus alarm and telecare service in British Sign Language

CareLink Plus alarm service

CareLink Plus is Brighton & Hove City Council’s telecare alarm service.

Telecare describes a range of services and equipment that allow you to call for help in an emergency. This could be in and outside the home. Telecare can increase your independence and help you feel safe. 

You can apply for an alarm  that’s worn round your neck or wrist. If you fall, feel unwell or need help in an emergency, you can call for help by pressing a button on the alarm. 

Telecare can help:

  • if you’re likely to fall 
  • keep you safe from fire, carbon monoxide and flood
  • keep you safe at home during the day and night
  • keep you safe when you’re out and about
  • support your family or carers
  • if you have a health condition like dementia or epilepsy

Most telecare devices connect you to a CareLink staff member. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

You can find more information in the CareLink Plus alarm and Telecare leaflet.

CareLink Plus living well service

Carelink Plus Living Well supports you when you’re due to leave hospital, or if you need help at home.

They can give you a free, 4 week trial of the CareLink Plus alarm, and help you make contact with other services in the area.

This can help you get home from hospital quicker, and also stop you from needing to go back in. 

The service will keep in touch with you, and check everything is still working for you within 6 weeks of receiving your alarm. 

Find more information in the Living Well Service leaflet.