RUN School

In essence, run school is as it says on the tin, you will learn ‘to get active and RUN’!... Think fitness, agility, healthy heart and lungs, fresh air. Exercising at each individuals own pace, and when you are ready, learning the skills you need to RUN! RUN SCHOOL is fun, flexible, accessible, inclusive and challenging. Whatever your age, level of experience or indeed whatever your expectation or aspiration, RUN SCHOOL takes us off of the couch and into exercise. Our bespoke, progressive programme leads us from the early fundamental skills with our Run School Rabbits through to the more experienced pupils on the run track. Our sessions include contrasting activities such as jumping, balancing and throwing for our Rabbits, then field throws, hurdles, high jump, long jump and pole vault for the more experienced athletes on the Run program. It takes time to develop the fundamental skills and understanding associated with movements giving us the ability to run, balance, jump and throw. RUN SCHOOL makes this an enjoyable sociable time. We strive to achieve an absolute love for fitness and movement, for a lifetime.