Passion 4 Pole

Chloe Anderson has been pole dancing for 5 years and started competing in 2014, where she won Expert category in EPDC. She has been performing for the last 3 years and continues to work alongside Circus Fantasia. Chloe Anderson started pole dancing in October 2009 in the South of Spain. From her first few classes she was hooked and her passion and love for the sport has only grown as time has passed. Chloe had no previous dance or gymnastic background, but found that pole gave her the motivation to work on her grace and flexibility, making her a more fluid and graceful pole dancer. After only 5 months of training, Chloe started teaching pole dancing and has now been teaching for over 5 years. She is a fully qualified and insured pole dance instructor. Chloe has trained with many pole dancers, including Marion Crampe, Nadia Shariff, Sarah Scott, Justine McLucas and many more.