Forever Fit

Forever Fit has been specifically designed for those over 50. Using over 30 years of combined training experience, we have taken all of the main contraindications of training in your later years into mind and produced a format that is not only focused, varied but it is above all else safe and enjoyable. With no jumping or running around, our sessions are lower in impact than standard classes and will have a specific benefit to your body and your unique make up. With challenges on your core, balance, strength and more. We are a very big believer in ‘use it or lose it’. In essence this means, you have legs so bend them, you have muscles so work them. Ranges of movement in your joints decrease in life, this is avoidable. Exercising at the right intensity for you has been proven to get you results regardless of age and in most cases your self confidence will increase, maybe even to a point where you want to try new things. We’re extremely proud of our members as they continuously choose to come along to our Forever Fit group at least once a week, if not two or three times. This is also down to our group providing such a great social hub for them to be involved with