Body and Brain

Body&Brain is a holistic Korean mind and body exercise training that is designed to awaken your body and brain to its highest potential. Regular classes help you improve your physical health, reduce stress levels and stabilise emotions. Techniques include tapping, shaking, stretching, core strength building exercises, meditation, breathing and Ki Gong sequences. Through classes you gain physical endurance, higher energy levels and a calm and clear mind amongst other benefits. Most classes have the same structure: warm up, stretching, high energy excersises, relaxation, meditation, cooling down, tea and sharing time. Body&Brain focuses on the development of the body's core strength as the basis of physical, mental and spiritual health. Rather than focusing on a strict set of poses, it incorporates a wide variety of mind-body exercises so each day of your practice will ultimately be different. People of all ages, body types and fitness levels may participate comfortably in a our classes. Body&Brain exercises help practitioners develop greater awareness and sensetivity to the well-being of their bodies, through developing a better understanding of Ki energy, it's pathways through the body and blockages. Body&Brain includes a unique emphasis on the brain as the determiner of health and wellbeing. Thus, classes may Include brain exercises such as clapping rhythms, balancing and coordination exercises.

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