Amazonas Arts Capoeira Angola

Our aims are to enhance wellbeing, cultural exchange and encourage community involvement through the learning and practice of capoeira and related art forms. We do this by providing regular classes, workshops and performance events. Activities are multi-disciplinary by nature and include movement, music (percussion and singing), the study of Afro-Brazilian heritage and craft. People taking part in our activities develop skills and knowledge that will enhance their physical health, mental health and overall quality of life. Through the practice of capoeira and related art forms, individuals will develop their sense of confidence, self-awareness, social and cultural awareness within a safe, playful and supportive environment. The strong focus on group work and activities also promote social inclusion and community participation. Amazonas Arts was founded and is made up of individuals who have been studying capoeira and related art forms. We have come together as a result of realising the positive impact this practice has had on our lives and wanting to share this with others and help improve their quality of life.