Healthy Lifestyles Referrer Consent Notice

How we will use the information provided in this form.

Brighton and Hove City Council are committed to protecting an individual’s personal information. As a data controller we have a responsibility to make sure the person you are referring knows why and how their personal information is being collected in accordance with relevant data protection law:

  • we are collecting their data to provide them with a suitable healthy lifestyles support programme.
  • the legal basis for the collection and use of this data is their consent, under Article 6,1a of the GDPR.
  • their data will be held for three years from date of last contact with our services or in the case of children (under the age of 18) until they are 21.
  • their information will be shared with healthy lifestyle services provided by or commissioned by Brighton & Hove City Council in order to provide the person you are referring with appropriate support.
  • their information will also be used to generate anonymised reports that measure the impact of our services and help us to improve how we provide healthy lifestyle information and support for people in the city. You would not be identified in any of these reports
  • they can ask for a copy of the information captured in this form or ask us to get rid of the information we hold at any time. If they would like us to get rid of their information they will not be able to continue to access our services.

To talk to us about the information we collect contact the Council’s Data Protection Officer