Government Notify service

How we share and process your data with GOV.UK Notify and its subcontractors.

About GOV.UK Notify

GOV.UK Notify is a service that lets our service teams send emails, text messages and letters to users of our services.

It is provided by the Government Digital Service, and you can find more information about GOV.UK Notify on the GOV.UK website.

How we use GOV.UK Notify

We'll share your data with the UK Government’s Notify service and its subcontractors to process it.

We'll use Notify to send you letters, emails if you provide an email address, and text messages if you provide a mobile phone number, as part of our services.

Data is encrypted when it passes through and when it’s stored on the service, and your data is held by Notify for up to 11 days each time we send you a communication.

GOV.UK Notify subcontractors

This is Notify's subcontractor list as at 20 March 2018:

  • out of hours support provider: Unboxed Consulting Ltd (company number 5440833), 17 Blossom Street, E1 6PL, London
  • text message suppliers: MMGRP Ltd (company number 7527443), 145-157 St Johns Street, EC1V 4PW, London and Firetext Communications Ltd (company number 6280579), Unit 1B Kilmuir House, Depot Road, KT17 4RJ, Surrey
  • email supplier: Amazon, 60 Holborn Viaduct, EC1a 2FD, London
  • letter supplier: DVLA, Ty Felin, SA5 4HH, Swansea

Data retention periods

The table below shows how long GOV.UK Notify and its suppliers store data.

Personal data includes:

  • mobile number
  • email address
  • postal address
  • what's written in messages

Non-personal data includes:

  • message identification
  • timestamps and delivery status stored for billing purposes
Organisation Personal data retention period Non-personal data retention period
GOV.UK Notify 7 to 11 days No time limit
MMG, text message supplier 30 days No time limit
Firetext, text message supplier 30 days No time limit
Mblox, text message supplier to Firetext 1 year 1 year
Vodafone Mobile Network 30 days 3 years
EE Mobile Network 7 days 1 year
Three Mobile Network 90 days No time limit
O2 Mobile Network 90 days No time limit
Amazon, email supplier 30 days No time limit
DVLA, letter supplier 3 days No time limit