policies and guidance for small scale commercial proposals

Brighton & Hove Local Plan Policies

  • QD1 Design - quality of design and design statements [PDF 197kb]
  • QD2 Design - key principles for neighbourhoods [PDF 217kb]
  • QD8 Shop shutters [PDF 405kb]
  • QD10 Shopfronts [PDF 29kb]
  • QD11 Blinds [PDF 96kb]
  • QD14 Extensions and alterations [PDF 29kb]
  • QD16 Trees and hedgerows [PDF 38kb]
  • QD27 Protection of amenity [PDF 29kb]
  • HE6 Development within or affecting the setting of conservation areas [PDF 45kb]
  • TR7 Safe development [PDF 29kb]
  • SU2 Efficiency in development in the use of energy, water and materials [PDF 39kb]
  • SU13 Minimisation and re-use of construction industry waste [PDF 29kb]


  • SPD02 Shop front design [PDF 2.4Mb]
  • SPD03 Construction and demolition waste [PDF 1023kb]
  • SPD06 Trees and development sites [PDF 836kb]
  • SPD08 Sustainable building design [PDF 275kb]