Telecommunications application local requirements

Please see the required standards for on-line submissions which includes the required files sizes and format to submit documents and drawings electronically.

For further information about Validation Requirements please visit the Department for Communities and Local Government website and refer to the ‘Guidance on Information Requirements and Validation’ document.

Summary of National Requirments

Brighton & Hove Local Requirements

  • north point - required for the site location plan and block plan.
  • paper size and an appropriate scale bar indicating a minimum of 0-10 metres, or an appropriate scale bar for plans and drawings at 1:1, 1:10 and 1:20 required for all plans and drawings.
  • floor plans (existing and proposed)
    • A map showing the relationship of the application site to schools and other telecommunications equipment in the vicinity
  • supporting planning statement including:
    • Area of search
    • Technical information including the frequency, modulation characteristics, power output and the height of the proposed antenna
    • Technical justification - details about the purpose of the site and why the particular development is required
    • Details of alternative sites rejected with a justification for rejecting them - this should include existing masts, structures and other buildings within the search area
    • An explanation if no alternatives considered
    • Visual impact assessment where relevant
    • Acoustic report where relevant
    • Any other relevant information
  • ICNIRP Statement for telecoms apparatus
  • photos/photo montages at the applicant's discretion