Planning application forms and checklists

If you are applying by post, please note that one copy of the supporting documents is required for each type of application. For example, when submitting an application for Full Planning Permission together with an application for Listed Building Consent, two copies of the supporting documents would be required. 

How to Apply for Planning Permission

Not sure which form to use? Just answer the simple questions in the Portal's E-Cabinet (no need to register).

Standards for on-line submissions include the required files sizes and format to submit documents and drawings electronically. The video tutorials will guide you through, and the Portal have their own online Help Centre to help if you encounter any issues or problems.

The Checklists tell you what to include with your application, depending on your type of proposal. Call us on 01273 292222 if you are unsure about anything.

*Please be aware that you must provide the appropriate plans and supporting information with the necessary application form when submitting an application. If all required information is not provided, then your application cannot be validated and will be held up. When selecting the application form that you need, please ensure that you have a look at the requirements checklist to see what is required.*














Please ensure you go through the checklist before sending your application - most delays are caused by simple mistakes.

Fee calculator for planning applications   or  Planning Portal fee sheet

Notice 1 - to be served on owners of the land when completing Certificate of Ownership - Certificate B or C.

Notice 2 - to be published in a newspaper when completing Certificate of Ownership - Certificate C or D.


The checklists of information requirements were adopted on 1 March 2008 following a full consultation. We have reviewed and republished the checlists several times since

  • reviewed on 4 March 2011
  • reviewed and re-published on 17 May 2013
  • reviewed and re-published on 11 May 2015