Householder planning permission local requirements

Please see the required standards for on-line submissions which includes the required files sizes and format to submit documents and drawings electronically.

For further information about Validation Requirements please visit the Department for Communities and Local Government website and refer to the ‘Guidance on Information Requirements and Validation’ document.

Please do not use a householder application form for extensions and alterations to Small Houses in Multiple Occupation (C4 use) as they do not benefit from ‘householder permitted development rights’. You will need to complete a full planning application form for this type of development.

The Planning Portal has a useful 'Householders Guide' including tools to create a Site Plan

Summary of National and Local Requirements

See Householder CHECKLIST (sets out the requirements by the type of development/proposal)

1 copy of all drawings and supporting documents is required for applications that are not submitted online

  • north point - required for the site location plan and block plan.
  • paper size and an appropriate scale bar indicating a minimum of 0-10 metres, or an appropriate scale bar for plans and drawings at 1:1, 1:10 and 1:20 required for all plans and drawings.
  • block plan (at a scale 1:500) showing all adjoining properties and any proposed extensions and new build hatched
  • floor plans (existing and proposed at a scale of 1:100)
  • complete elevations (existing and proposed at a scale of 1:100)
    • photographs showing the adjoining/adjacent properties are required for substantial extensions eg: 2 storey extensions or extensive roof alterations

Supporting documents that may be required:

Information acceptable for householder Window Applications

Please provide one (1) copy of the following:

  • Clear external photographs of all individual elevations that form a part of the application
  • Identify with a cross all the windows and doors to be replaced on the elevational photographs
  • Mark each of the windows/doors in the photographs with a number and put that number against the corresponding window on the product survey sheet (this is normally supplied by the Window Company)
  • The product survey sheet must provide details of the design and method of openings of all windows/doors
  • Technical details showing the style and sections of the replacement windows/doors

If you are applying for more than one type of application eg: Householder and Listed Building Consent please see the separate local requirements and supply the relevant information for each application type.