Previous versions of the City Plan - The Core Strategy

Withdrawn Core Strategy

At its meeting on 21 July 2011, the council agreed to request that the Secretary of State directs the council to withdraw the Submitted Core Strategy from the Examination process under Section 22 (2) (b) of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 to allow it to be updated and amended. This direction was  received 7 September 2011: withdrawal of our Core Strategy [PDF 117kb]. Accordingly all documents, public comments and matters made in relation to the Submitted Core Strategy were removed from the council’s website and places where it was made available to the public (such as our customer service centres and city libraries) according to the statutory withdrawal public notice [PDF 30.6kb].

The need to amend the document arises from soundness issues raised at an Exploratory meeting with the Planning Inspector in May 2010, concerning the Core Strategy housing delivery strategy and the government’s proposals to remove regional housing targets. Further details of the issues which led to the withdrawal of the Core Strategy are available on the Core Strategy Examination web page. 

The need to update the document also arises from the number of significant changes that have happened since the document was submitted to the Secretary of State a year ago. These include proposed changes to national legislation and guidance (the Localism Bill and National Planning Policy Framework), public sector savings and the completion of a number of new studies including an updated housing capacity study (Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment). The changes will help to secure an effective, up to date and sound document.

Proposed Amendments Paper - June 2009
The council published a Core Strategy Proposed Amendments Paper June 2009 [PDF 667kb] for consultation from 29 June 2009 to 10 August 2009.

This paper contained eight policies and the revised spatial strategy that had been amended significantly since the last Core Strategy consultation into the Revised Preferred Options in Summer 2008. To accompany the Core Strategy Proposed Amendments Paper, the council also produced an updated:

Revised Preferred Options - June 2008
The city council produced a  Core Strategy Revised Preferred Options Document (June 2008) [PDF 3.24mb]. (June 2008) which was published for six weeks of public consultation on June 27 2008.

Preferred Options October 2006
The council published a Preferred Options Document [PDF 2.94mb] for consultation in November 2006.

Issues & Options 2005
The first stage Issues and Options Document [PDF 431kb] was extensively consulted on in 2005. The range of methods used to engage people on the Issues and Options Document are detailed in a Statement of Consultation [PDF 185kb] and the main findings are set out in a Summary of Community Involvement [PDF 129kb].

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