Planning Advice Notes (PANs)

Planning Advice Notes

Planning Advice Notes offer technical advice and information on certain policy areas. 

PAN01: Farm Diversification [PDF 307kb]
The Farm Diversification PAN provides guidance to tenant farmers / landowners / businesses on what may be allowed as part of a farm diversification proposal.

PAN02: Microgeneration [PDF 913 kb]
The Government has recently approved amendments to the General Permitted Development Order (GPDO) regarding the installation of domestic microgeneration equipament. These come into force on 6 April 2008. This PAN will be updated in due course. In the meantime please refer to the Town and Country Planning Act Amendment.

This PAN provides guidance to homeowners and householders, owners and occupiers of small businesses, planners and design professionals on the planning requirements that may arise when considering proposals that incorporate microgeneration technologies

Hard copies of all PANS are available at Citydirect centres. 

Following government sponsored research and consultation hosted by Habinteg Housing Association, the 16 Lifetime Homes criteria have very recently (05/07/10) been revised and the updated version can be viewed on the Lifetime Homes web site at

Our Planning Advice Note, PAN 03 Accessible Housing and Lifetime Homes, has been removed from the council’s website temporarily whilst it is brought into line with the national changes. A draft for consultation will be on the website in the next two weeks. In the meantime, anyone currently designing a development should refer directly to the criteria on the Lifetime Homes website because that will be the relevant standard against which new developments will be assessed.

Our access consultant, Gordon Allan, will be happy to discuss any specific question which may arise as a result of the changes:

Tel: (01273) 292293 or email:

PAN 04: Brighton Marina Masterplan [PDF, 3,791kb]
The adopted PAN 04 is intended to act as a supplement to SPGBH 20. This masterplan deals with a much wider area than SPGBH20, including the whole of the marina, the Black Rock Site and Kemp Town Gasworks (TRANSCO) site. In the longer term it is anticipated that the PAN will form the basis of Supplementary Planning Document (SPD).

PAN05: Design Guidance for the Storage and Collection of Recyclable Materials and Waste [PDF 1.01mb]
This PAN provides guidance to architects and developers on the storage and collection of recyclables and waste.

PAN06: Food Growing and Development [PDF, 3.12mb]
The Food Growing and Development PAN provides guidance and basic technical considerations on how food growing can be incorporated into development.  The city council seeks to encourage food growing in the city even in small urban spaces as part of its commitment to sustainable development.